The North America Railway Hall of Fame database preserves our heritage and makes accessible its collection of artifacts pertinent to the Canadian Southern Railway Station as well as the lines it served. Also represented in the collection are artifacts representative of the time period which serves as our restoration point of 1914 to 1923. Included in our collection are publications, photographs, and images of all artifacts.

When the North America Railway Hall of Fame was incorporated in 1996, within its mission statement were the goals of both educating the public about the historical impact of railway transportation on the community and to provide a facility for the preservation and display of a collection of library materials and railway heritage artifacts related to the Hall of Fame inductees. This archival database was designed with these goals in mind.

Since its inception, the North America Railway Hall of Fame has been accepting donations from all interested parties, both public and private. The collection of artifacts is housed at the Canada Southern Railway Station in St. Thomas, Ontario.

The "Canada Southern Memory" digital collection runs on ICA-ATOM open source software for archival description. The project was implemented by Sergey Lobachev and Doug Jeffery.